Review: Five Best Portable Basketball Systems

Accurate shooting is one of the crucial things to practice and develop in the game of Basketball. Therefore, if you have a portable basketball system at home, you may have an advantage over your friends and opponents when playing with them at club, school, college or anywhere. Therefore, to make it easy for you to choose the best portable basketball system for yourself, I have reviewed five best basketball hoops according to the customer reviews and their star ratings:

Spalding 74560

Spalding is a brand known for making quality basketball systems. This basketball system from Spalding just confirms that bit about Spalding. The first thing that stands out about this product from Spalding is the glass backboard. Ask any professional basketball player out there about backboards and he would inevitably tell you that glass backboards are the best of the lot. They are not as noisy as other backboards, which is just amazing.

Although some people might find assembling this system a bit difficult, with the right set of tools and some help from family members can make the job a lot easier. This basketball system is sturdily built and does not shake much even when the dead center of the backboard is hit. The wobbling is a little more pronounced when the sides are hit, but that is something you get in most portable basketball systems out there.

It has a strong hoop which can withstand the pressures of time as well as weather, and given the cost of the product, you definitely get true value for your money. This basketball system also comes with an adjustable height feature which makes it great for kids who are just getting started on basketball. You definitely won’t regret buying this one.


Spalding 68562 Portable Basketball System – 60″ Acrylic Backboard

Not everyone likes digging a hole in their backyard or driveway for a basketball system. That’s where portable b-ball systems come into picture. But not every portable basketball system out there is good. In fact, many of them offer lame quality and will blow away with the slightest of winds. That’s why, investing in a sturdy portable basketball system is recommended, something which this Spalding product offers.

The first thing that strikes you about this Spalding product is that it is heavy. Thus, you can be rest assured that it will withstand stiff winds for a long time to come. And despite being heavy, it still is portable enough if you fill it with water, which makes changing its position very easy indeed.

This portable basketball system with an acrylic backboard which gives nice rebound quality. In fact, compared to other basketball systems out there, this one offers probably the best rebound quality of them all. It also has an easy to use adjustable height feature, which makes it great for kids. And just in case you are worried about neighborhood kids changing the height of the hoop everyday, the lever can be removed, thus eliminating that possibility. Strong, sturdy and pure value for money, that’s what this basketball system from Spalding is.


Lifetime 71566 XL Portable Basketball System with 50-Inch Shatter Guard Backboard

Lifetime is known for making quality basketball systems and this one definitely fits the definition of quality at an affordable price. This basketball system from Lifetime comes with a strong enough backboard which lets the kids bang the ball just enough. Yes, it is not made for banging the ball hard, but you won’t get any portable basketball system out there which allows you to do that.

This basketball system from Lifetime is primarily made for recreational purposes only or for giving practice sessions to beginners. Given the purpose of this one, it definitely does a fantastic job. You can fill the base of it with sand or water, depending on your requirements. With a little help, it is easy to move too, and thus, the tag portable does hold meaning.

It has an easy to use adjustable height lever which makes adjusting the height of the hoop a very easy task indeed. As for the hoop itself, it is of fantastic quality, although too much hanging from it is not recommended. Given the portability of the product and the sturdy built you get at an affordable cost, this one is worth some consideration if you are looking for basketball systems for your driveway or backyard.


Lifetime 71524 XL Adjustable Portable Basketball System with 54-Inch Backboard

There are tons of basketball systems available out there, which makes the process of selecting a basketball system confusing and if I may say, fraught with risks. Of course, going for the high end ones is the wise decision since you can be rest assured of quality. However, high end basketball systems are not suited for everyone. In fact, if you are looking for a basketball system for recreational purposes only or to give something to practice on to your kid, you are much better off going for a mid range one. That’s exactly what this baskeball system from Lifetime is.

It has a non glass backboard which makes it a little noisy, but given the price of the product, it is definitely worth the money. It comes with an adjustable feature which allows you to adjust the height of the basket with ease. That’s the USP of the product and that’s what makes this product a fantastic buy. While it may take you some time to assemble the system due to unclear instructions, the effort is totally worth it given the quality of the product.

It is strong, sturdy and does not wobble, and given the adjustable feature, it is a great system for kids as well as for people looking to play basketball in their backyard. Don’t hesitate to go for this one.


Lifetime 51550 Courtside Portable Basketball System with 48-Inch Shatterguard Backboard

If you are looking for a portable basketball system for your backyard for recreational purposes or to give your kids something to practice on, give this product from Lifetime a serious thought. This one comes with a sturdy build and you can be rest assured that the backboard won’t wobble much even when hit hard.

Although the rebounds won’t be as great as you would get on permanent backboards, they are still pretty good considering that this is a portable system. The base of this system can be filled with sand or water, and does not require anti-freeze which makes it great for places which experience cold temperatures. Given that it can be filled with water also means that moving it is much easier than some other b-ball systems out there which need to be filled with sand.

Another great feature of this portable hoop is the protective padding around the pole which protects the kids from banging their head into it. It has a strong and sturdy structure and can withstand high wind speeds. Thus, even if you live in a region which experiences high wind speeds, you will not regret buying this one. A good quality hoop, an easily adjustable height functionality and the Lifetime stamp itself makes it a good buy considering the moderate price of this one.